TEEAL and Research4Life Programs Training of Training Worksop @ Njala University, Sierra Leone

The Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) will be holding a Training-Of-Trainer Workshop from 3-6 September at Njala University in Sierra Leone.

Organized between the two organizations, the training workshop will note breakthroughs in information delivery via TEEAL and the Research4Life programs of AGORA, HINARI, and OARE. These workshop programs are designed to increase awareness of training tactics and research quality for those that train or teach within their own organization. Subjects areas covered will include research in agriculture, health, environment, and the related sciences.

As ITOCA notes, the "expected outcome of the workshops is to enable researchers, policy-makers, educators, librarians and extension specialists to have access to high quality, relevant and timely information on research via the Internet, CD-Rom and external hard disk."

The formal workshop announcement for this event at Njala University in Sierra Leone can be found attached here.

For additional questions or comments, please contactour partners at ITOCA via email at: itoca@itoca.org

With best regards,
- the TEEAL Project staff